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Casa Ybel Wish List
Last Update: 7-18-2024

Morning at Casa Ybel


Sunset on the beach at Casa Ybel

(Images courtesy Robin Clay, owner March 2000)


This is the new format for listing a "Wish List" which will be used on the Bulletin in the future (in addition to the standard listings). Lately we have had more requests for weeks, than weeks listed. That is the reason for the Bulletin. (A "Wish List" for users who can't find the week they want in the rental and sales offerings up front.).

It is a more compact listing method with sequential weeks with a better overview for you to read than before. It will be easier for owners to use, in case they need to make a move.
They can save placing a rental listing themselves, if they find the right offer on the "Wish List", paid with a $50 fee by the person placing the wish. The listing will expire when the listed week has passed, or when the wish has come through. It saves owners doing the rental or selling themselves, all you do is to contact the person who is looking for your week and receive your money, which you now can use if you need a different week. DO NOT FORGET TO INFORM HILTON GRAND VACATION ABOUT YOUR GUEST OCCUPYING YOUR WEEK.

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Weeks Needed - Owners: Please Give Us a Call - This service is open to the general public!








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Buyers Looking to buy Unit(s) directly from Owners
Jan 5 - Jan 12 1 2024 CY Would like to purchase a week 1 from owner, any UPPER IJK unit Fenton 847-508-5158 email
Jan 19 - Jan 26
Jan 26 - Feb 2
Feb 2 - Feb 9
Feb 9 - Feb 16
Feb 16 - Feb 23
Feb 23 - Mar 1
3,4,5,6,7,8 2024 CY or TBC Would like to buy at CasaYbel or Tortuga Beach Club. Upper unit preferred. Minimum 2 wks per unit. Lane 516-220-5673 email
Renters Looking to rent Unit(s) directly from Owners
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Owners wishing to Rent/Buy or Exchange Units
Any Any Any CY Any Wheelchair accessible unit; Own week 25; Unit G 219;
Weibring 331-575-7411 email
Mar 1 - Mar 8 9 2024 CY Own Week 15 G 216 Green 503-910-7685 email
Mar 15 - Mar 22 11 2024 CY Own wk 5 F 147; Would also trade wk 8 in F 154 for wk 11 Bau-Madsen 215-680-7400 email
Jun 14 - Jun 21 24 2024 CY Own week: 39 F153; w/l permanent change, not single year rental exchange. Value variances to be discussed. Bessert 224-343-0208 email
Jun 28 - Jul 5 26 2024 CY Prefer unit in I, J, K Smith 901-409-4515 email
Jul 12 - Jul 19 28 2024 CY Own week 10 and 11, Unit 145; Trade wk 10 or 11 for any wk 28 unit Foresman/Garnett 703-963-6502 email
May 30 - Jun 6 22 2025 CY Lower unit, Prefer bldg. F; would also rent. Own wk 22 but need one more unit in same week. Klingensmith 239-410-0055 email

CY=Casa Ybel, CO=Sanibel Cottages, SS=South Seas Plantation, TBC=Tortuga Beach Club, other locations by demand
H = Handicapped Access

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